Connecting Nature Based Carbon Offset Creators to Tiger Standard Carbon Credit Buyers

Nature-Based Solutions for development constitute a global reduction of more than 11 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide by the year 2030 through carbon finance instruments like the carbon credit. The Nature Market has emerged as one of the most significant areas of growth. Nature Based Solutions lie in the enhancement of nature for tackling social and environmental challenges. We originate carbon offset credits to help you achieve net zero.

Nature-Based Solutions implemented through carbon offset financing of projects sustainably reduces the Net Carbon Footprint of industries, businesses and individuals and also insures against potential business risk from future Climate Change damage.

Our Nature-Based carbon credit, the Tiger Standard, evolved through pilot projects developed over two decades by a committed team of professionals working with ground projects in the endangered IUCN declared biodiversity hotspot zone of the Western Ghats of India.

The Tiger Standard Carbon Credit

The Tiger Standard Carbon Credit is a trade-marked voluntary carbon offset model defined as a grassroots based, protocol driven, carbon-plus instrument which can be applied to forestation & nature-based community initiatives large and small.

It brings a location-specific holistic measurement value to the carbon dioxide & Greenhouse Gas captured from the atmosphere and sequestered in carbon sinks by private plantation owners, farmers, and also by sustainability seeking rural panchayats & municipal bodies through integrating the benefits brought by this action to the entire ecosystem surrounding it.

A single forestation project could gainfully employ every member of a rural based family throughout the year bringing multiple livelihoods, improved healthcare and living standards, and integration into the banking system & the economy. This is additional to the benefits to the natural ecosystem, biodiversity enhancement and carbon sequestration objectives.

The multi-pronged Carbon Plus benefit approach separates the Tiger Standard Carbon Credit from other offset protocols and is based on an equitable result-based financing model.

  • Carbon neutral, or having a net zero carbon footprint, refers to achieving net zero carbon emissions.
  • The Tiger Standard partners organizations to achieve their carbon neutrality goals through use of its defined protocols for carbon offsetting.
  • The Tiger Standard team works with clients in assessing their carbon footprint, setting goals, building strategies and executing projects for carbon emission reduction and ultimately Net Zero or carbon neutral footprint.
Why Carbon Offset?
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Carbon offsetting funds solutions to immediate reduction of carbon emissions. Partnering offsetting projects reduces emissions faster. Carbon offset projects help combat global Climate Change as well as support local communities providing much needed employment, health infrastructure, nurtures biodiversity and reforestation, incentivizes and broadens the scope of social benefits to marginalized and impoverished communities.

What is Carbon Neutrality?

Carbon Neutrality refers to having net zero carbon dioxide emissions by offsetting emissions and carbon offset strategies. Demonstrating a commitment to managing your environmental impact will help improve your brand awareness in an increasingly conscious world.